Shahi Meetha Paan (Does not contain Supari/Beetle-nut)


  • A Luscious & Traditional Mouth Freshner.
  • Refreshing Paan Flavor.
  • Prepared Using The Most Luxurious Ingredients
  • Does not contain Supari / Beetle-nut.
  • Shelf Life in days : 365
  • Veg /Non Veg : Veg
  • Weight/Volume (grams) : 220g
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The Shahi Meetha Pan is a lip smacking recipe straight out of the royal houses of rajasthan ready to delight you in special ways. This cool and organic recipe of Pan is close to our heart and not just contains the saunf and elaichi in the right amount. It also contains our affection and years of experience packed into little packets of festivity.

Shahi Meetha Pan is an excellent recipe that can be consumed at any time of the day. While we love our Shahi Meetha Pan after the meals, our customers tell us that is even better after a night out with friends. How do you like your meetha pan?

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Weight/Volume (grams)


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